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What are the Basic English Grammar Rules?

In any language there are basic rules the speaker or would be learner needs to understand before moving on to harder skills. English itself has basic rules that people need to follow for it to make sense to hearers and readers. Here are some basic English grammar rules that are easy to understand and easy to learn.

Only use capital letters for proper nouns and at the beginning of a sentence. For every sentence there should be one noun and one verb. A sentence with more than one noun or verb is confusing to understand.

When a sentence is complete use appropriate punctuation. There is no need to have dual punctuation when ending a sentence. If an apostrophe is needed make sure to use it to show ownership. An apostrophe is also used when words are abbreviated. Whenever writing multiple sentences about the same subject or line of thought, use paragraphs to divide long segments of writing. Should a line of thought require a list make sure to separate each article by a comma. Make sure case and number of the subject and the verb match. It the noun is singular the verb should be singular as well.

When connecting two lines of thought in a sentence, use a conjunction to make things make better sense. If you have two lines of thought that are similar feel free to use a semicolon to combine them. Make sure to use the correct tense when writing or speaking English. Try not to end a sentence with a preposition. A conjunction word should not be used to start a sentence. Sentences should be complete thoughts and not fragments. Try not to use double negatives. Such as no not never. Make sure to use words correctly. Avoid repeating lines of thought in sentences. Make sure paragraphs are complete, having three to five sentences each. Rules of English grammar can be hard to understand, but not impossible. By following English grammar rules you will be proficient in writing and speech. Just stick to the basics, don’t try to fake your way through things.

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