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Learning Spanish with us

We enjoy helping people achieve their goal of learning and perfecting their Spanish. Our classes are kept small so we can focus on what matters, the progression of each student. At Europrofe we aim to be a community of continuous learning rather than a typical language academy. All our classes are full immersion, however, our bilingual teachers can provide explanations and examples in English to ensure all is understood.

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Spanish for adults

Are you new to the language or want to up your level?

Our experienced teachers are native speakers from different parts of the Spanish speaking world and will provide you with invaluable insight about the cultural differences from the Patagonia to the Iberian peninsula. 

We offer a variety of classes for you to learn and practise Spanish: conventional classes, arts & crafts, conversational Spanish, Spanish-English book club.

Groups and private tuition available

Spanish for kids
Hands-on learning through art

Moving to a foreign country and not speaking the language could pose a problem for most people with children who are concerned about their kids integrating into their school and their new surroundings.

We provide a creative, stress-free environment where kids learn the language by being fully immersed in it just like they learned their mother language. Our classes are dynamic and varied in topics. We use art as a tool to help them learn Spanish while having fun, learning new techniques or reinforcing the ones they already know.

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